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Post by Stripes on Thu May 14, 2009 11:59 pm

NAME: Mike aka Stripes
YEARS OF AGE: too old to be playing but Im 54 years young
HOME TOWN: West Lafayette, IN
TELL US A LIL ABOUT URSELF: I travel a lot with my what little free time I have I like fishing and playing DOD...Im and old CS guy who has been playing DOD for a couple of years now.
REASON FOR JOINING : Your clan need someone who isnt a queer like BlueHaxor...he he ...I kill me...and pretty much anyone who is on my team when nades are involved. ...I like your clan and after playing here for several months have gotten to know several of your members. You guys play to have fun and dont make this anymore then what it is...just a game which is what is suppose to be. But all kidding aside...your clan is full of very good / skilled players and just in the short amount of time I have been here have improved my own skill level. The clan I just left I have been with for over a year and have many friends there so this isnt a decision I made lightly...but they play Bots and once you learn the bots waypoints for the maps its not that hard to beat them.
WHO ASKED U 2 JOIN: Hell nobody...basically nobody wants me... it took me this long just to find this thread so I could post my interest in joining because you bastards kept telling me to post on another website.... he he....thats why Im a perfect fit for your clan...just another misfit...

Comments: I will still play on my old clan server when you guys are not around, they are good people and leaving them was not a decision I took lightly, but I feel its time to move on. They will always be my friends they just run their program based on having young children which is find but my kids are all youngest is 21. If I do not get accepted by your members I will still play here with no hard feelings. Your clan is simular to the CS clan I had for many years. I shut down my server because I didnt have the time to keep a clan/server going and just got burt out trying to run both. Like I said I travel a lot with my job and I just didnt have the time to manage everything. Most of my old clan moved onto other games. But I still hear from them from time to time and they are still friends of mine. Well thats about it all, if you have any questions please let me know...thanks

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